Western Wall

Get your prayers delivered to Jerusalem’s Western wall!

Want to Boost your prayers by sending them to one of the most holy places in Jewish tradition, the Western wall?

We can personally deliver them to the Kotel, The Western wall!, with a small fee of $12. Write your prayer and your e-mail, and we’ll make sure to deliver them to the Western Wall with complete confidentiality.

We’ll be having a Facebook live every weekend so you can see how and when it gets there!

If you have any questions, be sure to contact us!

Don’t forget to click on the “Pay Now” paypal button after you send your prayer so we can make sure to send it to the wall.

“Please, G‑d, Hear the prayers that are said in this place.” King Solomon


Prayers Delivered


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Write down your prayer

Remember to click on the pay now button after you send your prayer, with your same information, so we can make sure to send your prayer to the wall

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  • I wasn’t sure about this, I sent my prayer expecting nothing and I received a facebook link where I could see my prayer being delivered! Thank you Hermesgoes!

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